Halitosis, also known as bad breath, can be embarrassing, yet that’s not the extent of the problem. Bad breath can indicate that there is something deeper going on, either with your oral health or overall health. If you notice that you often have bad breath, we can help you find the root of the problem.

What Causes Halitosis?

Bad breath often comes from not properly taking care of your teeth and gums. In many cases, when your oral hygiene is lacking, dental problems can develop from the plaque and tartar left on the surface of your teeth. You could have gum disease, tooth decay and other problems that require treatment and could worsen if left alone. The odor can arise from rotten food in the teeth and/or as a secondary condition from a dental problem; bad breath can be a strong indication that a dental checkup is needed. Nonetheless, it’s also a possibility that gastric problems are causing your bad breath. Halitosis can also be associated with other health issues, including diabetes, liver disease and more.

During your appointment, we begin by educating you on proper oral hygiene, including correct techniques for brushing, cleaning the tongue, and flossing. If these methods do not help, we could suggest certain mouthwash and toothpaste varieties. We also perform a comprehensive exam to see if you have an underlying problem caused by improper oral care. If this is the case, we would discuss treatment options for the specific dental problem(s) you are facing.

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