According to the American Dental Association more than 20 million Americans are missing all their natural teeth. It is estimated that about 42 million Americans wear either a full or a partial dentures. Due to the advances made in the field of dentistry, and people’s dental IQ rising, more and more people are desiring and are able to keep most of their teeth for a lifetime. Thanks to better brushing and flossing at home and opting for root canal treatment and other tooth saving procedures, today an average 60 year old has 18-24 of their 32 natural teeth. While the average 60 year old had only 9 teeth in 1970.

For those 20 million of us with no teeth, there is now hope, MINI IMPLANTS! Approved by the Food and Drug Agency (FDA), for long term permanent stability of full and partial dentures. By placing 3 to 4 mini-implants in your top or bottom jaw, will help stabilize ill-fitting or loose dentures. Unlike traditional large implants that require the cutting of the gums, drilling a hole into the bone and the 3-6 months of healing; the mini-implants require no surgery. It is a simple procedure that requires about 2 hours from start to finish and they also cost significantly less. The placement of each mini-implant takes only about 5 to 7 minutes. A few drops of local anesthetic is placed at the site of the implant placement. After about 2-3 minutes, the implants are placed in the bone, and a metal housing with an 0-ring is placed into your existing or new denture.

The head of the implant is shaped like a ball and the metal housing consisting of rubber 0-ring which snaps over the ball and holds the denture firmly in place. The 0-ring is removed from the metal housing, located underneath the denture, and the implant given an opportunity to integrate into the surrounded bone. The patient returns to the office in one week for doctor’s evaluation of the implant.

The 0-rings that help stabilize the dentures are placed back into the denture housing about 8-10 weeks after the patient’s bone has integrated around the implants. For full upper denture wearers, the roof or the palatal portion of the denture can be removed after 4-6 months of the implant placement. Now go ahead and take a bite out of that apple!

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